Core Functions

Want to learn more about the Acadiana Metropolitan Organization? Check out our core functions below, then read through our projects, plans and policies to view our accomplishments and long-term vision for Acadiana.

Core Functions

Congestion Management Process (CMP)

The Congestion Management Process (CMP), which has evolved from what was previously known as the Congestion Management System (CMS), is a systematic approach, collaboratively developed and implemented throughout a metropolitan region, that provides for the safe and effective management and operation of new and existing transportation facilities through the use of demand reduction and operational management strategies. The CMP is required to be developed and implemented as an integral part of the metropolitan planning process in Transportation Management Areas (TMAs) — urbanized areas with a population over 200,000 or any area where designation as a TMA has been requested.

The Congestion Management System has been described as a “7 Step” process; with the addition of a new “first step,” the Congestion Management Process is an “8 Step” process, as follows:

1. Develop Congestion Management Objectives
2. Identify Area of Application
3. Define System or Network of Interest
4. Develop Performance Measures

5. Institute System Performance Monitoring Plan
6. Identify and Evaluate Strategies
7. Implement Selected Strategies and Manage Transportation System
8. Monitor Strategy Effectiveness

Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) serves as the cornerstone for comprehensive transportation planning throughout the Acadiana Urbanized Area. The purpose of the Plan is to identify the location, function, and size of new or improved transportation infrastructure and services for the areas that are expected to be incorporated over the next 30 years.

2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Amended 11/15/23)


2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Amended 5/17/23)


2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Amended 1/18/23)


2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Adopted 3/16/22)


Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) is a staged, multi-year program of improvements scheduled for the Acadiana Metropolitan Planning Area. The TIP is a cooperative effort between the LADOTD and the Acadiana MPO. The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is the statewide counterpart to TIP. The TIP is a planning tool to ensure the most effective use of limited funding for transportation improvements. The TIP identifies transportation improvements recommended for advancement during the program period, groups the projects into appropriate staging periods, and includes realistic estimates of total costs and anticipated funding sources.

Each year the MPO tracks the projects through its Urban Systems program (STP>200K) funding by Fiscal Years


Current TIP 2023-2026:


Previous Tip 2019-2022:

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is the instrument for coordinating and managing transportation planning efforts in the Lafayette Urbanized Area. UPWP is designed to facilitate a coordinated effort to plan for future development. In addition, this Work Program serves as the description of proposed work submitted to the federal agencies, which are the financial sponsors of the transportation planning program. The UPWP is developed per the Metropolitan Planning Requirements as outlined in 23 CFR 450.308.


YearTitleAdoption Date
2024-2025UPWP 2024-2025Public Comment


YearTitleAdoption Date
2023-2024UPWP 2023-20245/17/2023
2023-2024UPWP 2023-2024-Amendment 19/20/2023


YearTitleAdoption Date
2022 – 2023UPWP 2022-2023-Amendment 23/15/2023
2022 – 2023UPWP 2022-2023-Amendment 19/21/2022
2022 – 2023UPWP 2022-20235/18/2022