"Focuses on Rural Revitalization"

The Acadiana Planning Commission (APC) is a federally designated Economic Development District (EDD). This designation allows us to secure federal funds that can be deployed on rural revitalization projects throughout our communities. As an organization, we work with stakeholders to identify priority projects, conduct strategic planning, coordinate with federal partners and secure funding for rural revitalization. Our goal is to identify projects that will make a lasting impact on our communities by improving quality of life and strengthening our economy.

“Our projects cross all boundaries and touch everyone in our communities,” said Monique Boulet, APC Executive Director. “For example, they include the University Corridor development, housing projects, broadband initiatives, etc. We are leveraging all of our federal and state partners to produce results. Since we understand what those relationships can do for our community, APC is strategically positioned to bring everyone together for catalytic projects and we can layer initiatives to make them work.”