TPC & TTC Committees

Transportation Policy Committee (TPC)

The chief purpose of the Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) is to serve as the principal body for transportation policy, plan, and program decision-making, and to provide guidance and direction for the development, coordination, and implementation of a multi-modal transportation system in the Acadiana Metropolitan Planning Area. Under agreement between the State of Louisiana and nine (9) local governments within the Lafayette Urbanized Area, the TPC is established to provide final decisions on transportation planning and funding schedules for the Acadiana Metropolitan Planning Organization (AMPO).The Transportation Policy Committee consists of decision makers of general purpose local government (e.g. mayors, council members, police jurors, or their delegates, etc.) as well as a representative from the local transit agency, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD), and a non-voting representative from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Transportation Technical Committee (TTC)

The purpose of the Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) is to provide technical guidance (in the form of recommendations) to policy and decision makers regarding all modes of transportation in the metropolitan area. Specifically, the TTC provides technical advice to the Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) and provides technical guidance to the MPO and its staff. Recommendations from the TTC are sent to the Transportation Policy Committee for deliberation.The Transportation Technical Committee shall consist of technical professionals appointed by the member jurisdictions, professional engineers, transportation and land use planners, transit system operators, and other representatives of major modes of transportation.

The Transportation Technical Committee seats were determined by the Transportation Policy Committee.

TPC Committee Members
TPC Rules of Policy and Procedure
TTC Committee Members
TTC Rules of Policy and Procedure