We Create Strategic Plans that Result in Funding & Sustained Growth

The Acadiana Planning Commission conducts strategic planning for our region. Every five years, we undertake the process of creating a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). We collaborate with parish governments, local stakeholders, and community members. By gathering data, listening to the needs of our community, and synthesizing our region’s priorities, we create a document that can direct growth in Acadiana five years at a time.

The CEDS document is critical for our region’s success because it allows applying for state and federal funds that pay for infrastructure and resiliency projects, among others. We encourage community members to play an active role in the process by participating in the planning efforts, giving feedback on our draft CEDS document, and sharing views on what priorities should be a focus within the region.

Know that as a region, we are in good hands. The Acadiana Planning Commission is a nationally recognized community and economic development leader. Hence, we understand how to get the job done and bring money into our region that will support long-term initiatives and sustained economic growth.