Where Natural Resources Meet Advanced Manufacturing

fiber to the homeAPC is a nationally recognized economic and community development leader that focuses on deliverables.  For a company or investor seeking to locate in Acadiana, APC staff have the experience and expertise to find creative solutions and to meet infrastructure needs.

For Example, APC was sucessful in secruring $30 million in National Telecommunication Infrastructure Administration (NTIA) broadband infrastructure program (BIP) to expand broadband access to three rural parishes, 11 rural communities over 22 thousand housholds and 2,000 businesses. 

Harnessing our region’s strong petrochemical and agricultural assets, we are pioneering growth in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector. APC has secured EDA funding to plan the States' first Biopharmaceutical Contract Drug Manufacturing Organazation. 

APC staff has the expertise to provide technical assistance, leverage funding, coordinate stakeholders, and conduct strategic planning to drive economic growth.

investmentWhy Invest in Acadiana

Louisiana, and our region, are:

Pro-business with the lowest income and property taxes in the country

Light on red tape - we make it easy to operate your business

Ideally located with multi-modal accesss to transportation infrastructure

Home to natural resources like oil and agricultural products

Lower cost of labor and housing

Tax incentivies including OZ's

Invest Acadiana provides detailed information on the benefits of investing in Acadiana and has prospectuses available for some of our communities for download.

Investment Opportunities in Acadiana

APC is working on catalytic projects such as the University Corridor redevelopment project. Learn more about this and investment opportunities here or contact Invest Acadiana today.