The Acadiana Planning Commission is a Designated Economic Development District

The Acadiana Planning Commission (APC) has been designated by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Agency (EDA) as an Economic Development District (EDD). As an EDD, APC leads economic development strategic planning with an emphasis on local, results-driven strategies that will spur economic growth. Simultaneously, the EDD designation is critical for our region’s ability to secure EDA federal grant funds for infrastructure and planning.

To maintain our EDD status, APC must develop a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) every five years. Within that CEDS, APC identifies initiatives that will be important for the sustainability and growth of our region, broadband expansion, for example. Their inclusion allows us to apply for grant funds through EDA funding opportunities.

We also serve as a conduit between the federal government and our local communities. Parish governments and other entities who could receive EDA funds for projects will work through APC to secure that funding. Being a conduit is one of our most important roles - coordinating with federal partners to ensure our local Parishes can strengthen their economies and improve residents’ quality of life.

EDD Designation and Projects

US Commerce EDA Projects in Acadiana


Acadiana Fiber Optics Infrastructure Improvement

This EDA invesment will support construction of new fiber optic lines along 7 target areas within the Acadiana Region.  The project components include the installation of new fiber optic lines both aerially and in new 2-inch cable conduits, network hubs, handholds for cable access, and connections to existing hubs along approximately 47 route miles.


Acadiana BioPharma Cluster Development

This project mazimizes and leverages planned investment such as the expanded CRO and NIRC facilities, the proposed new GMP facility, and the human clinical trails facility by: working with potential supply-chain partners, strengthen local public sector, building strategic partnerships to implement and sustain cluster development, and preparing Acadiana's oil and gas and chemcial manufacturing workforce to transition to Bio-Pharmaceutical manufacturing. 


Lafayette (LYF) Regional Airport Parking Infrastructure

This EDA project involves the rehabilitation and construction of the required parking lots, with necessary infrastructure upgrades, to facilitate the Lafayette Regional Airpots' new Passenger Terminal Building.  This included the seal coating and restrping to convert the use of existing parking lots as well as the new consrtuction of parking lots, which include asphalt paving, striping, and associated drainage, and appurtenances. 

DRA Projects in Acadiana


Acadiana Regional Seafood Hub

The Acadiana Regional Seafood Hub will support the domestic seafood industry along coastal Louisiana and the food producres of the Acadiana region of South Louisiana.  DRA fund have been used for land acquisitions fro the site of a multi-use facility that will house several opportunities for entrepreneurial development in a commercial kitichen, retail space, storage facility, and a shipping/packing facility.


Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements

The City of Opelousas will use DRA funds to upgrade the clarifiers, tertiary filter, and sludge digesters of the city's wastewater treatment facility.  This investment is projected to affect 6,607 families.


Abbeville Water Treatment Plant-Backwash Water Treatment System

The City of Abbeville will use DRA funds to upgrade the water treatment plant.  This investement is projected to affect 5,305 families.


Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvement-Phase 1

The Town of Port Barre will use DRA funds to upgrade existing treatment facilities to address insufficient treatment capabilities.  This investment is projected to affect 2.100 families.


Village of Parks Water Well

The Village of Parks will use DRA funds to supply a much needed new water well shich serves 5,000 customers throughout the St. Martin Parish area. 


Clean Water and Sewer System Improvements

The City of Ville Platte will use DRA funds to provide adequate pumping stations to prevent backflow of wastewater and sewerage into homes and streets, and to provide the community with running water that passes the LA Department of Health water standards.



DRA States’ Economic Development Assistance Program

The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) works to support and improve regional economic development opportunities by helping to create jobs, build communities, and improve the lives of the 10 million people who reside in the 252 counties and parishes of the eight-state DRA region.

What is the DRA?

Established by Congress in 2000, DRA makes strategic investments with its federal appropriations into the physical, digital, and workforce assets of DRA communities. Through the States’ Economic Development Assistance Program, referred to as SEDAP, these investments help to improve:

  • Basic public infrastructure
  • Transportation infrastructure;
  • Business development with an emphasis on entrepreneurship; and
  • Workforce development.

How is economic development defined?

For the purposes of this program, Economic Development shall be defined as:

Programs and projects which have a direct and quantifiable impact on employment and the employability of the working population residing within the Delta region, thus creating environments conducive to sustaining, maintaining, and improving the tax bases of local communities.

Where can I find information about application considerations?

All necessary information for application consideration can be found in the 2022 SEDAP Manual.  Additional information on state-specific funding allocations, funding eligibility requirements and guidelines, and contact information for local development districts are available HERE.

How do I access the DRA funding portal?

CLICK HERE to access the DRA Applicant Funding Portal.

Where can I get more information on DRA funding?

CLICK HERE to view a quick-guide 2-pager developed by APC.
CLICK HERE to view a slide deck developed by DRA titled “SEDAP 101.”