The Acadiana Planning Commission works with the Acadiana Regional Transportation Safety Coalition (ARTSC) to promote roadway safety throughout our region.

Transportation Safety

Acadiana Regional Transportation Safety Coalition

Local stakeholder participation is vital in implementing the vision of Destination Zero Deaths. To accelerate the State Highway Safety Plan’s project implementation at the local level, Louisiana established nine Regional Transportation Safety Coalitions through an agreement between DOTD and the designated Regional Planning Commission (RPC) or the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The DOTD has District Offices that work closely with the MPOs and State Police Troops. Each coalition is led by a coordinator who serves as liaison between the state and local partners from all 4E’s of Safety: Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services. The Acadiana Regional Transportation Safety Coalition is led by Ron Czajkowski. Contact us to be added to our mailing list and meeting invite list: or (337) 806-9367.

Northwest Louisiana Transportation Safety Coalition map

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The goal of the state highway safety plan is to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes by 50% by 2030. By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders from all walks of transportation safety, we can pool our resources and information to achieve our specific action items. We work with local and state engineers, law enforcement from all levels, education groups, public information officers, public health advocates, and emergency responders to make these connections.

Please visit Destination Zero Deaths for more information on the Louisiana SHSP.

Check out the Safety PSA's below for more information.

Safety Resources for Business

Destination Zero Deaths encourages businesses to adopt safety policies for their operations and employees. Please see our business resource packet to see what your business can do to reduce crashes and business costs.

Safety Business Packet

What to do in the Event of a Crash

If you are involved in a crash follow these four steps:

1. CHECK for injuries

If anyone is injured call 911 immediately and wait for emergency responders. Vehicles should only remain in lane if prevented by injury or damage.


If no one was hurt, determine if the vehicles are movable. YES …. You are required by law to move your vehicle. Move vehicles to the nearest safe location.

3. NOTIFY Law Enforcement

Call 911 to alert them of the crash. Provide your location and direction of travel. Follow the instructions of the dispatcher.

4. Exchange Information

Exchange driver and insurance information by using the reverse side of this form: Move It Brochure

Safety PSAs

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Impaired Driving – Partnership with LA SADD

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