Nationally Recognized Community & Economic Development Leaders

As an Economic Development District, the Acadiana Planning Commission (APC) is nationally recognized for its work in economic development and rural revitalization. We focus on catalytic revitalization projects and work that removes barriers to accessing our region’s greatest assets, such as our friendly communities, interstates, river, rail, pipelines, and skilled workforce. By addressing challenges that could limit access, such as congestion, we are working to maximize the opportunities for growth within Acadiana.

We are using our region’s strengths and assets to build a sustainable economy that works for everyone. By leveraging our designations and relationships with state and federal partners, APC is generating results on a wide range of priorities ranging from broadband expansion to downtown revitalization, sector and cluster development, housing and quality of life initiatives.

Explore this section to discover how APC handles strategic planning, secures federal grant funding for projects, furthers rural revitalization, and develops clusters. You can also find a list of our initiatives and projects under rural and urban revitalization.