LA Planning District 4

In the 1970, the State of Louisiana recognized problems that ...

§ 140.61. Purpose

The legislature finds that problems of growth and development in urban and rural regions of the state so transcend the boundary lines of local government units that no single unit can plan for their solution without affecting other units in the region; that various mulit-parish planning activities conducted under various laws of the United States are being conducted in an uncooridinated manner; that intergovernmental cooperation on a regular basis is an effective means of pooling the resources of local government to approach common problems; and that the assistance of the state is needed to make the most effective use of local, state, federal, and private programs in serving the citizens of such urban and rural regions.

It is the purpose of this Subpart to facilitate intergovernmental coorporation and to insure the orderly and harmonious coordination of state, federal and local comprehensive planning and development programs for the solutions and resolution of economic, social, physical, and governmental problems of the state and its citizens by providing for the creation and recognition of regional planning and development commissions.

Added by Acts 1977, No.427,§1.

Acadiana Planning Commission is 1 of 8 Planning Districts in the State of Louisiana.  Planning District #4 is composed of the parishes of Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Landry, St. Martin, and Vermilion. 

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