Gov. Edwards announces $163 million for 15 state projects to reduce flood risk; $57 million slated for Livingston Parish projects

25 Mar 2021

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Gov. John Bel Edwards has announced $163 million in federal funding for 15 state projects and programs designed to reduce flood risk for communities throughout the state.

Of that total, $57 million — or nearly 35 percent — will be used for two projects in Livingston Parish, according to figures provided by the Governor’s Office. All told, 15 parishes will receive funds to reduce flood risk.

The state selected these projects because they align with the long-term resilience objectives of the Louisiana Watershed Initiative (LWI) and the state’s CDBG-MIT Action Plan, including natural flood management, flood control and critical infrastructure projects.

The funding for these projects is part of the $1.2 billion in federal mitigation funds allocated to Louisiana, Edwards said in a statement.

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