Fiber to the Home Initiative

"Advancing Broadband"

Broadband Assessment

APC is working with local, state, and federal agencies to make broadband available to all residents and businesses in Acadiana. Internet access is a critical service with significant impacts on education, job opportunities, telemedicine, emergency response and e-commerce. In 2021, APC analyzed existing broadband availability throughout Acadiana which indicated nearly 21% of households lacked broadband access. Out of this need, emerged a goal of servicing residential, business, and community anchor institutions with high-speed, fiberoptic internet throughout Acadiana - Fiber to the Home Initiative.

EDA Funded Broadband Expansion

To futher the Fiber to the Home Initiative, APC in partnership with Iberia Parish Government, St. Martin Parish Government, Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government and LUS Fiber applied and recieved funding to expand fiberoptic service in the City of Scott, Iberia and St. Martin Parish, and the City of New Iberia. This investment of $3.1 million will allow for better connectivity to nearly 658 business's at 7 business parks in the project impact area.

NTIA Funded Broadband Expansion

Our next big win - securing $30 Million of Broadband Infrastructure Program (BIP) funds made available through the US National Telecommunication Information Administration to improve internet access in Rural Acadiana. In partnership with the parishes of Acadia, Evangeline, St. Landry, and the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government, 11 rural communities including 22K households, 4K businesses, and 26 community anchor institutions stand to benefit from high-speed fiberoptic internet.

Broadband State Partnership

APC continues to work with the State Office of Broadband Development and Connectivity, ConnectLA and the State of Louisiana's Broadband for Everyone in Louisiana (BEL) Commission, ensuring that our region is at the table and able to make the most of state and federal broadband resources. In partnership with other Planning and Development Districts (PDDs), APC coordinated planning efforts with ConnectLA on Digital Equity, FCC Mapping, and infrastructure expansion.