LWI Region 5 Committees

Steering Committee

To coincide with state-led efforts, APC has established a provisional steering committee comprised of the 16 parishes within LWI Region 5. The committee is responsible for providing input in developing a more long-term solution for continued watershed-planning efforts. Committee members provide guidance and expertise in developing the coalition’s governance structure, composition, potential activities, and funding scenarios. 

Capital Improvement Program Subcommittee

The Capital Improvment Program (CIP) Subcommittee is responaible for the following Duites:

  • Creation and management of th LWI Region 5 Comprehensive Project Inventory (in-progress)
  • Developing the project evaluation process
  • Make project priorization recommendations
  • Coordnate on projects that may impact a neighboring parish.

Governance and Long Term Sustainability Subcommittee

The Governance & Long-term Sustainability Subcommittee is responsible for the following duties:

  • Lont-term sustainability
  • governance structure
  • finalizing geographic boundaries for coalition participation
  • Coalitionfunding scenarios
  • Legislation required for government creation
  • Coalition work plan
  • Coalition membership
Governance Problems and Proposed Solutions in Region 5
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LWI Region 5 Provisional Governance Recommendation
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